A Good To Know Guide To – Manufacturing Insurance

Stating the Obvious

The manufacturing sector is a very diverse sector covering many types of businesses that are involved in the production of a wide range of products. Whether it is a niche component or a general food product there are certain types of compulsory insurance cover which are required by all:

  1. Vehicle Cover – is required by law whether it is a Motor Fleet Policy covering vehicles owned by the company or additional cover required when employees are using their own cars for business purposes.
  2. Employees Liability Cover – again required by UK law and vital in a sector fraught with accident at work claims or illnesses brought on by the workplace. The statistics provided by the Health and Safety Executive highlight the high percentage of workers within the sector affected by these issues.

For further information visit: http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/industry/manufacturing/index.htm

Non-compulsory yet advisable insurance covers include: buildings and contents, staff and your end product and distribution, which can all be covered at different levels and for various perils. There are a range of policies available such as Public Liability, Product Liability, Transportation, Business Interruption and Tools and Equipment to cover these risks, all of which can be tailored to a business’s individual needs.

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The Not So Obvious

We regularly see claims upon manufacturing companies where they are accused of negligence by the claimant; our experts can help advice on practices that can be put in place to avoid these claims and also help provide robust insurance covers which provide a sense of security allowing you to concentrate of your core activities.

All manufacturing is covered by a minefield of global manufacturing standards which vary from country to country and can be very complex depending on your supply chain. Our experts understand these issues along with other supply chain problems which can have damaging effects on productivity.  The government’s guidelines can be a good starting point:


We are receiving an increasing number of calls from clients who are being affected by a range of cyber-attacks. These vary from very sophisticated to more crude attempts to gain funds or data, again there are polices to help protect your business should the worse happen.

Manufacturing can require a number of complex insurance covers in order to protect against the many risks which may hinder your business, we’re on hand to help you understand these and ensure that you understand any term and conditions that apply. We can point out the procedures we suggest you have in place to protect against potential future claims. We provide a friendly, professional service which aims to simplify matters for our clients.

Prevention and damage limitation

Quite often when claims are made hindsight is a wonderful thing. Together we can work to help prevent issues or when the unavoidable happens reduce the damage or impact upon the business. You can help your business by dealing with an insurance broker who understands your needs and the associated risks.

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    LBBC Group Testimonial Sept 2018

    “We have been a Packetts’ client for over 15 years, and their friendly, straightforward approach, is just what we need from our insurance advisors. This coupled with their expertise, comprehensive service, and a real “can do” attitude helps give us a feeling of security that our business risks are professionally looked after.

    Given the nature of our products, it is important for us to know that we work with a broker who we know would be there to stand by us if a serious issue was to occur.”

    Howard Pickard
    Managing Director

    LBBC Group – A leading supplier of autoclave solutions, system integration and precision engineering