No one knows what’s around the corner, but we can help you plan for it

Accidents and business disruption can have a significant impact on you, your employees and business. Businesses of every size face risks, and so it is critical that you keep them under control. To support you with risk management, we have teamed up with Crysp to facilitate access to their specialist property compliance platform and health & safety advisors.

The team at Crysp will help everyone within your business understand the part they need to play in managing risk, implementing e-learning and physical training where needed, design and implementation of new risk procedures to ensure that any exposure is reduced as much as possible.

The journey to shifting business culture from a state of “reactive” to “proactive” does not happen overnight, nor can risk be completely eliminated from your business, but we can help you reduce your costs and help you develop a culture of safety within your organisation.

Overview of key services

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Key questions to consider when creating a culture of proactive risk management 

  • Do you have a full picture of the risks that your business might face?
    To help with this we have provided an easy to use risk calculator that well you understand the baseline within your business. You can access the risk calculator here. 
  • When was the last time you completed a full fire risk assessment and review of your policies and procedures?
  • If there was a problem, do you have a competent person you can turn to?
  • If an accident occured in the workplace, what would you do next?